Knowledge is Power When Facing ATS Systems Selection

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Your first ATS is important. It sets the bar, the standard and expectations on what will be used to measure talent, hiring, and all things human resources. Your first ATS system is like a first boyfriend, your first college class, first kiss or that first boss you had, You probably already have a list of how to do it better next time. You make a mental note of the updates you need to make to your online dating profile for the next time or additional questions you want to make sure to ask or consider when you are talking to your potential future boss in a job interview. The important thing is that you learn from the experience, understand what you want, and make better choices for next time.

Perhaps the ATS you selected the first time has everything you love, but falls short when it comes to talent. Maybe there are just too many manual processes to complete in order to get the data you need. What if you could have a do-over?

Knowledge is Power When You Are Facing ATS Selection

I remind myself that we learn the most from not our successes but our failures personally and professionally.Selecting your second or third ATS is the opportunity for that do-over. Considering that most companies purchase a first ATS for payroll and other basic things before they grow and have higher level HR needs, a second or third ATS selection is critical to the growth and productivity of your recruiting as well as hiring manager team.

In fact, implementing the wrong HR technology can hurt your brand and profits alike, not just cost you top talent. In fact, 58% of candidates who don’t hear back from an employer are less likely to buy products from that employer. That number increases to 65% if they don’t hear back from the interview.  Choosing the best tech for your company can be difficult. Like dating, that recruiting technology doesn’t reveal it’s real self until a few dates in or after a technology implementation. 

Since you already have experience with your first ATS, consider:

  • What’s missing?
  • What processes do you have to perform manually in order to get the data you need?
  • What’s on your “ATS wish list?” What’s on your team’s wish list?
  • How will our new ATS solve XYZ or make ABC easier? (For example, reporting functions, auto responses for candidates, follow up with applicants, etc.)
  • How will the current system work within your existing or future recruitment processes?

Don’t forget to think about what works with your current ATS and how do you want it to expand, drive productivity and results for your team? What features, benefits and tools are the most important to them? ATS selection should include all users to get a more comprehensive opinion and point of view from all angles. It’s the same reason we have our siblings, roommate, or best friend meet that guy or girl we are considering getting serious with to get their opinion of what they really think.  Together, this list and evaluation will help guide your selection process and allow you to evaluate potential hiring software that makes everyone on your team happy.

Other ATS Systems Selection Factors to Consider

  • Is your ATS collaborative? Meaning, do your recruiters and hiring managers have access to the same information, and can they act on it?
  • Do you have the data you need in an easy-to-use reports dashboard? If you’re shopping for an ATS that does not have strong reporting, move on to the next one. Manual is not the most expedient way to complete reporting tasks.
  • Will your new ATS require upgrades throughout departments (i.e. Payroll, etc.) and do you have a plan to implement it? Get some great tips here: How to Drive HR Technology Adoption at Your Workplace.
  • What types of technology integrations do you need including job posting, HRIS, sourcing tools, background checks and other recruiting technology tools that are critical to hire, source, and engage the best talent quickly and easily?

Remember, choosing a new ATS isn’t a chore; it’s an opportunity to improve upon processes you already have in place and enhance your recruiting efforts and processes as your organization and your talent acquisition team’s role evolves. It’s a gift, like being able to redesign a bad boyfriend or horrible boss to fit the who you are now and support you in your company’s talent acquisition growth needs. Use those annoying quirks and shortfalls from him/her as an opportunity. Because of those relationships, you know exactly what you don’t want allowing you to make a better ATS systems technology partner that’s a perfect match. You, as well as your company, has grown and needs an ATS that will grow with it and elevate the performance of your talent acquisition team. 

Learn more about Comeet’s collaborative recruiting platform. Click here to register to join our upcoming demo.