Comeet is a 2015 UX Awards Winner

Comeet’s collaborative recruiting system is now an award-winning collaborative recruiting system. When you’re a 2015 UX Awards winner, you can say that aloud.

At the 5th Annual UX Awards held at last week at the Parson’s School of Design in New York City, Comeet was awarded an “UXie.” Comeet shared the spotlight with fellow UXie winners, including Grand Prize winner Veryday, Google, SAP, MailChimp, Method, Made by Many and Huge.

Two-thirds of Comeet’s founding team, Omer and Tommy, attended the event. Tommy was a panelist at one of the afternoon sessions, then accepted an Honorable Mention award at the evening banquet. The judging panel recognized Comeet for applying human-centered design principles to improve the process of recruiting and hiring.

UX Awards Winner: Only HR Tech Company!

It’s a considerable achievement for our engineering team and the entire company. Comeet was the only UXie winner solving customer problems in talent acquisition, recruiting or applicant tracking.

In just five years, the UXies have become a big deal in the user experience world. This how event organizers describe its purpose: “The UX Awards honor the most talented UX innovators, highlight exceptional UX best practices, and showcase next-generation digital products that solve real customer problems.”

2015 UX Awards Voting Process

The UXies are chosen by a rotating panel of expert judges using a 5-point voting system and consensus. Awards are given based on merit, outcome, impact, methodology, and innovation, rather than in fixed categories.

2015 judges included: TIAA-CREF’s Head of UX Design Andy Knight; Bank of America/Merrill Lynch’s Director of UX, Strategy and Design Scott Wilkinson; The Home Depot’s Director of Enterprise UX Cliff Sexton; and UXie creator Beverly May.

Solving Real Customer Problems

We’re happy to be a 2015 UX Awards winner, and  super happy that our customers are benefitting from the transformational value of well-designed UX, because they clearly appreciate the upside. Here’s how Fiverr recruiter Viki Alper describes the impact:

“It’s really helpful to have a system that engages everyone in the process, even if their role is pretty minor. A lot of people at Fiverr who don’t even have HR titles are really involved with recruiting now, which is a big change from before Comeet.” (Read the complete case study)

Exceptional UX For Your Company

If you’d like to see what talent acquisition can look like at your company when hiring teams actually look forward to using the software, request a demo of our “award winning” collaborative recruiting platform. It’s less than 30 minutes. It’s worth it.

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Video: Created to explain how we incorporated user-friendly design into Comeet. Shown at awards banquet.