Our 2015 UX Awards Nomination Started With a Board Game

Our 2015 UX Awards nomination began with a dice and railroads and a “Get of Jail Free” card. 

It’s true. Monopoly inspired our UX team when they started to design Comeet. The game about landlords and rents led to the drag-and-drop workflow that helps make the platform so easy to use. It’s one of the reasons for our recent nomination for the 2015 UX Awards.

Great UX: Comeet Automated Workflows

We’re delighted. We challenged ourselves to create something special so the Comeet user experience would stand out in a very competitive software category. Recruiters would love it. Hiring teams would actually use recruiting software for the first time. Companies would make better hiring decisions faster. It’s working so far! Happy customer feedback like this clearly shows the pay-off for spending so much time iterating on white boards:

“Great UI/UX, very user-friendly.”

“Comeet’s remarkable in that it automatically highlights what’s important.”

“Ease of use is basically off the charts.”

The 2015 UX Awards winners will be announced in November. Past winners include Google, SAP, Bloomberg, HBO, Adobe, Belkin, Puma and Nike. We’d love to join them. If you think that enterprise software should be engaging for users, and like what we’ve done, click this link and vote enthusiastically for Comeet.

Comeet 2015 UX Awards Voting

Thanks in advance for your support,

Team Comeet