Save time with our new email features

Our latest Comeet update is a big one! We’re introducing a full-featured email and communication platform. Communicating with candidates, sources and hiring teammates is now easier – and more organized – than ever. This is exciting stuff, and an end to lost or irretrievable recruiting emails.

Send & Receive Emails Through Comeet

100% Integrated

You can email anyone – including candidates, sources and hiring teammates – from inside Comeet.

Comeet email screenshot

Reply Directly from Your Inbox

You can continue the conversation from inside Comeet or directly from your Gmail or Outlook account. Replies in these discussions are archived inside the Candidate profile for future reference. Note: Just be sure to start the email thread inside Comeet.

Reply directly from your email

Save Time with Email Templates

Predefined company templates make communicating with candidates and candidate sources simple and efficient. They are always accessible via the “Email” icon within the Candidate Profile. After creating a new template, save it in “Email Templates.”
We’ve already added three templates to help you coordinate interview scheduling with your candidates.

Save time with email templates

George Bernard Shaw on Communication

George Bernard Shaw’s observation that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has actually taken place” will no longer apply to your recruiting communications! Everything will remain tidy and organized thanks to our new Integrated Communication Platform. If Shaw had been in 21st Century HR, rather than 20th Century literature, he would have loved this.