How HR Can Gain Confidence with Your Executive Team

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We already know that one of the most important relationships in the hiring and recruiting process is that of recruiter and hiring manager. But what about HR leadership gaining the confidence of its executive team?

A new Business Insider report finds that one in five small business owners lack confidence in their HR department. According to the latest Paychex Small Business Survey, 21% of today’s owners lack confidence in their organization’s ability to keep current with HR compliance. Of the core functions that make up HR, they’re the least confident when it comes to onboarding (38%), employee handbooks (36%), and background checks (26%).

How Can HR Win the Hearts and Minds of the CEO

So how can HR flip the script on these numbers? Let’s take a closer look at specifics.

Lack of Automation

Lack of automation could be one indicator for low confidence when it comes to key HR functions. The study revealed only 30% of small businesses rely on technology to automate the onboarding process. Additionally, 38% percent of those surveyed report tracking time and attendance manually rather than via an automated system. Executives and small business owners are less likely to trust a manual process for reporting (like spreadsheets) than they are reports from automation technology, like an ATS.

For example, Comeet’s collaborative hiring platform is designed to give stakeholders outside of HR insight and access to the hiring process, including HR compliance, onboarding, and background checks.

The Business Case for HR: Image (and Information) Is Everything

Study This Case

Consider the following: You’re in an HR leadership role. The owner of your company asks for a status report on potential new hires, attendance for existing employees, or onboarding successes. You pull a quick report and send a spreadsheet (or worse, a Word doc), that lists what your CEO asks for. Regardless of whether or not your CEO trusts you, how confident do you think he or she is in the information you sent?

Same scenario with automation: You click a few links, create a report from within your hiring platform, and send your boss a link to a detailed and accurate report. He or she can even drill down and see processes at the micro level. Transparency leads to confidence. Professionally developed reports send a clear, professional, and specific message which is that you are prepared and ready to get down to business.

Speaking of Transparency…

What if your boss had access to a collaborative hiring platform whenever he or she wants information? They get to skip a step (asking you for data), open the hiring platform, and see everything from new hire onboarding to attendance to HR compliance. Again, transparency leads to confidence, and as an HR manager, you’ll save the time it takes to manually create reports for your executive team. Win-win!

Another bonus: Embracing automation to accomplish critical tasks like attendance not only saves time, but can also reduce the risk of human error. And as the report states:

“Confidence is one thing, but awareness and compliance is another – especially since a lack of compliance, many times, can lead to costly fines and penalties. According to those business owners surveyed, the top three employer regulations they’re either not complying with or not aware of are: youth employment standards (42%), employee classification laws (37%), and overtime laws (36%).”

Considering that one tiny human error could lead to costly fines, not using an automated system can cost a great deal more than the software purchase.

Learn more about Comeet’s collaborative recruiting platform. Click here to register to join our upcoming demo.