Four new features to make hiring even more efficient

Get Rid of Duplicates!

Comeet detects if newly submitted candidates are already in the system when a new candidate is added.  When candidates are found to be very similar, a Duplicate Check step will automatically be added to the hiring workflow so that your team can easily check for duplicate submissions and take the right action.

get rid of duplicates

Add a Private Note
While collaboration is key, there may be notes from an interview that you want to keep to yourself, such as a candidate’s salary expectations.  During your interview, click on Private Notes to add your comment, which will be available to you, and only you, in the candidate’s profile.
private notes feature
Keep Track of Info from Sources
When a source or employer submits a candidate for a position via email, the text included in the email body is stored in the candidate’s profile.  Let’s say that your recruiter, Sally, submits a candidate and notes that he is expecting a high salary; that info stays stored in the candidate’s feed for your reference.
tracking information sources
Who Doesn’t Like Some Statistics?
Company admins can get quick stats on positions and candidate’s status, as well as sourcing statistics to see where the best candidates are coming form.  This feature gives a clear, numeric overview of everything going on in your hiring process.  Unsure if you are an admin?  Just shoot us an email.
insights and analytics