How Leadership Can Communicate & Collaborate Better with HR

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According to the latest Small Business Survey, 21% of today’s owners lack confidence in their organization’s ability to keep current with HR compliance. Of the core functions that make up HR, they’re the least confident when it comes to onboarding (38%), employee handbooks (36%), and background checks (26%).

Are you one of these business owners or CEOs? Let’s dig a little deeper into the study.

Why Is There Low Confidence in Human Resources From the CEO?

Lack of automation could be one indicator for low confidence when it comes to key HR functions. Paychex’s study revealed only 30% of small businesses rely on technology to automate the onboarding process. Additionally, 38% percent of those surveyed report tracking time and attendance manually rather than via an automated system. Embracing automation to accomplish such critical tasks not only saves time, but can also reduce the risk of human error.

As a CEO, you’re likely to be inclined to trust automation for report tracking (from hiring to attendance to onboarding) rather than manual reports. Do you know how much of your HR processes are automated and how many are manual? As a CEO, do you understand and know the manual processes, time constraints, and roadblocks that are keeping HR leaders from being successful in their roles supporting and growing your business?

Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of Human Resources at Your Company

Time to have a sit-down with your HR leader. As a small business owner or CEO, you don’t have to spend your days learning a new software program; it’s simply a matter of familiarity with the process, your role in the process (if you’re using part of the software to collaborate in the hiring process), and see exactly how your HR leadership keeps current with HR compliance.

It shouldn’t take more than an hour to get a basic review of the software your HR department uses, how they use it, and an overview of how it prevents things (like compliance) from falling through the cracks. If your HR staff or managers are as busy as most, they may overlook communicating basic functions of their jobs to you as CEO. They may think it’s below your pay grade, or that you may not be interested. Be proactive, schedule an informational session, and show them that you are.

Questions to Ask or Consider When Meeting with HR Leadership

Some areas to consider/ask your HR leadership:

  • How do we stay on top of current HR compliance?
  • How are reports (from attendance to turnover to time-to-hire) created and distributed?
  • How thorough are background checks and have you had any missteps?
  • What does your HR department expect from you as company leader?
  • What are your HR department’s biggest wins and biggest obstacles? Celebrate the wins; see if you can help solve the obstacles.
  • This is a great time for your HR leadership to share their concerns or frustrations with what’s not working, and a great time for you to enable your HR department to make smart decisions. Ask how they think the issues can be solved.
  • How can leadership help support the growth and development of HR and others in the department
  • What type of HR and recruiting software technology and tools are they in need of to be more productive, effective, and strategic to support the business?

Remember, this is not a performance review of your HR team. The goal of the informational session is to be familiar with the processes of your HR department, offer input where you are able, and get a better understanding of what a day looks like for your HR leadership.

Human resources is more than hiring, firing, and administrative tasks. Take the initiative and organize a sit down to fully understand the challenges, current processes, and the areas they need the most support.

It might also be a good idea to set a weekly or monthly check-in with your HR leadership team, depending on what time allows. This can be a brief conversation about current initiatives, hiring, onboarding, employee morale…anything that keeps you in touch with your HR team is going to make them eager to communicate readily with you.

Learn how the Sisense global recruiting team doubled their employee headcount in under 12 months. Click here to watch their interview.